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Definition: 1. existing with no physical body or form; 2. in law, an entity that does not exist on its own, but exists as an attachment to another object, like a copyright

Synonyms: nonexistent, intangible, celestial, metaphysical, bodiless, supernatural, spiritual

Antonyms: embodied, physical, substantial

Tips: Think, corpse, as it means "body," and real. Then add the negative in-, "not," and it's easy to remember that incorporeal is used to describe something that is not real or of the body--it's not a "real body."

Usage Examples:

In the book, the man dies and returns as an incorporeal spirit. (supernatural, bodiless)

The producer knew he had to first establish incorporeal rights to the song, through a copyright. (intangible)

She thought she felt an incorporeal presence, but her friends just laughed. (spiritual, supernatural)

My older brother used to scare us with tales of haunted houses and incorporeal beings. (celestial, supernatural)

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