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Definition: not compatible, unable or unwilling to work together effectively (can be said of people, organs, statements, technology, etc)

Synonyms: incongruous, antagonistic, inconsistent, contradictory, discordant, inharmonious

Antonyms: compatible, harmonious

Tips: Think of the root word compatible, which means "able to exist, live, or work together without conflict." When you add the negative in-, "not," incompatible becomes "not able to exist, live or work together." Incompatible has many specialized uses, as in biology, pharmaceuticals, and logic. However, in each case, the basic idea is that of two elements are discordant and not able to work together.

Usage Examples:

In some cases, dogs and cats are incompatible, but in others they can be good friends. (antagonistic)

These two medications are incompatible, so you cannot take both at once. (contradictory, discordant)

He worked nights and weekends and she worked Monday through Friday during the day, so their schedules were clearly incompatible. (contradictory, not able to work together)

Unfortunately, this software is incompatible with Mac computers. (not able to work)

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