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Definition: not alive or not lively or animated

Synonyms: nonliving, inorganic, dull, lifeless, inert, inactive

Antonyms: living, lively, animated

Tips: In language, inanimate can refer to nouns that stand for nonliving things. Think of the related word animated, which means "full of liveliness or activity." When you add the negative in-, "not," inanimate means "not alive" and can refer to things and concepts considered to be "without life."

Usage Examples:

She prefers to paint still life art and inanimate objects rather than people and animals. (nonliving)

The audience for tonight's show has proved to be a rather inanimate crowd. (dull, lifeless)

Our teacher had us come up with names for inanimate objects like the projector, which we called E.T. after the loveable alien. (non living, lifeless)

At first, the dog's body looked inanimate, but when we noticed it was still breathing we took her to the vet and she was resuscitated. (dead, lifeless)

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