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Definition: showing bold disrespect and tending to anger others

Synonyms: insolent, contemptuous, bold, rude, impertinent, brazen, audacious

Antonyms: respectful, modest, humble

Tips: Impudent is derived from the Latin pudens, “ashamed, modest.” When you add the negative im-, "not" impudent becomes "immodest" or "shamelessly bold and rude." The noun form is impudence, which refers to an occurrence of impudent behavior. Impudent is synonymous with insolent, impertinent, and brazen. Use impudent to describe someone who is very rude and bold in displaying rudeness. Use insolent to describe a child who is very disrespectful. Use brazen to describe someone who has no shame and boldly lets everyone know that he has no shame for rude or wrong behavior. Use impertinent to describe someone who is boldly rude and disrespectful, especially to a superior. Remember, impudent is a more sophisticated way of describing extremely rude behavior.

Usage Examples:

When I called the company's customer service line, I was amazed at how impudent the customer service agent was when I asked for her help. (rude, impertinent)

His constant need to be the center of attention and his tendency to talk over other people are just two examples of his impudence. (audacity, rudeness) noun

The police officer was very accustomed to dealing with the impudent behavior of the gang members whom he incarcerated. (insolent, contemptuous)

The child received detention for making an impudent remark to his teacher. (insolent, rude)

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