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Definition: 1. to make somebody do something or agree to something using strength and authority; 2. to expect someone to do something or spend time with you even when it is inconvenient for said person; 3. to lay down authority or law

Synonyms: establish, dictate, inflict, pressure, influence, mandate, intrude, trespass, presume, inconvenience, exploit, force, fine, levy

Antonyms: remit, release, abate, leave

Tips: Impose originates from the Latin word imponere, which means "to place on or into." When you impose something onto someone, it is usually against the person's wishes. In-laws and relatives, for example, may impose themselves on you by overstaying their welcome in your home or wanting to spend too much time with you when you're busy. An imposition (noun) is when someone imposes (creates an inconvenience for) on another person. Laws, taxes, and regulations are also imposed (forced, levied) onto people.

Usage Examples:

The state of California continues to impose higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. (levy, force, inflict)

Lainie is always imposing on people to watch her children while she runs errands. (creating an inconvenience, intruding)

I didn't want to impose on them, so I stayed in a hotel during my visit. (intrude, inconvenience)

Would it be an imposition to ask you to pick up the dry cleaning on your way home. (inconvenience) noun

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