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Definition: 1. implied and understood, though not directly expressed; 2. certain and without doubt; 3. present as a necessary part of something

Synonyms: tacit, connoted, assumed, insinuated, implied, contained, understood, absolute, unquestioning, virtual, necessary

Antonyms: explicit, stated, uncertain, doubtful

Tips: Implicit is often used in two different ways: to denote something implied and to denote something that is absolute and certain. An implicit course of action would be understood, without needing to be directly stated. If your trust is implicit, it is absolute and complete trust. The related adverb is implicitly and is used when something is done without doubt or question: "I trust him implicitly."

Usage Examples:

My dog's implicit obedience is a result of good training. (absolute, unquestioning)

We had an implicit agreement not to broach the subject because we both knew it would start an argument. (tacit, understood)

There was implicit anger in her voice as she told her boss she was quitting. (implied)

I trust him implicitly, so if he thinks we should move forward, I will heed his advice. (unquestioningly, absolutely) adverb

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