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Definition: 1. characterized by undue haste and lack of thought--done impulsively; 2. having great force or energy

Synonyms: heedless, impulsive, hasty, abrupt, sudden, rash, forceful, violent

Antonyms: cautious, restrained, prudent

Tips: Impetuous can describe a personality type or action which can be charming, yet impractical and overly impulsive--the type of person who does not think things through before acting. Impetuous is similar in meaning to impulsive and rash. If you are impulsive, you are prone to act without thinking. If you are rash, you are most likely being reckless and not thinking things through before your act. If you are impetuous, you are overly eager to start or do something so you don't think it through and you just do it.

Usage Examples:

The CEO is probably regretting his impetuous promise to the board that he could increase revenue by 20%. (hasty, impulsive)

She can be so impetuous! Why can't she just think things through before she makes important decisions? (heedless, rash)

Linda is a bit of a loose cannon; sheís great with clients, but her impetuous nature causes her to make promises the company canít always keep. (impulsive, heedless)

Donít be so impetuous in saying "No" to my ideas; think them through first. (hasty, abrupt)

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