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Definition: 1. not affected by outside influence, remaining unaffected by other's opinions, arguments, suggestions, etc.; 2. unable to be penetrated or not allowing passage into or through something; 3. unable to be injured or damaged

Synonyms: impenetrable, impermeable, resistant, unaffected, invulnerable, unmoved

Antonyms: responsive, vulnerable, penetrable

Tips: Impervious includes the root word pervious which stems from Latin per, "through" and via, "way." When you add the negative im-, "not" to pervious, impervious becomes an adjective that describes anything that does NOT let something else get through, be it criticism, pain, or rain.

Usage Examples:

The candidate seemed impervious to their attacks, maintaining popularity despite the negative campaign ads being run against her. (resistant, invulnerable)

George seemed impervious to pain as he hiked down the mountain with a sprained ankle. (resistant, not vulnerable)

He seemed to be impervious to the criticism made against him and continued with his same modus operendi. (impenetrable, resistant)

My thermal blanket forms an impervious shield from the cold and enables me to sleep warmly through the night. (impenetrable, impermeable)

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