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Definition: 1. brash, especially in showing disrespect to a superior or to someone older; 2. not relevant, not pertinent to the discussion or issue at hand

Synonyms: insolent, rude, impudent, impolite, brash, brazen, audacious, irrelevant, extraneous, foreign, immaterial, inapplicable, inapposite, irrelative

Antonyms: pertinent, respectful, polite, relevant, applicable

Tips: Impertinent is derived from the Latin root pertinere, “to hold to,” from tenere, "hold" (see tenacious, tenacity). The related words pertinent and pertain are derived from the same Latin root. Initially, impertinent was used to describe something that was "not pertinent" or "did not pertain" to the discussion or issue at hand. The idea of impertinent meaning "bold," "brash," and “disrespectful” evolved in the 17th century, out the idea of presumptuously going beyond what is relevant or pertaining to yourself. Impertinent often refers to a child or a subordinate being brash and rude to someone older or of higher rank.

Usage Examples:

I hope he didn't think I was impertinent when I asked if he was married. (inappropriate, brash)

The impertinent little boy was bossing his babysitter around, telling her where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do. (rude, impudent)

I thought it was rather impertinent of her to tell her boss how to run his department. (brazen, audacious)

We only have a little time, so lets focus on the most relevant and salient issues and stay away from discussing items that are impertinent to the project at hand. (irrelevant, inapplicable)

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