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Definition: to block or hinder the progress of

Synonyms: hinder, obstruct, hamper, delay, handicap, stymie, slow, disrupt, block, thwart

Antonyms: expedite, facilitate

Tips: Impede is derived from the Latin impedire, which means "to shackle the feet." Thus, impede refers to a slowing down, stalling, or stopping of progress or development. The noun form, impediment, may be familiar in the expression "speech impediment," which refers to any condition that interferes with and slows speech.

Usage Examples:

The environmental activists were determined to impede progress on the new building development, because they wanted to protect the open space. (block, hinder, obstruct)

This heavy traffic will impede our progress tremendously. (slow, hinder)

Iím afraid the forecasted snow storm will impede our efforts to get to the cabin this evening. (delay, thwart)

The bossí constant nit-picking is a serious impediment to the process of getting this project finished. (disruption, hindrance) noun

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