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Definition: 1. a point where no agreement can be made, and progress is halted; 2. a road with only one way to get in and out

Synonyms: standstill, deadlock, stalemate, quandary, dead end, gridlock, jam

Antonyms: solution, answer

Tips: To understand the meaning of the word impasse, simply break it down. When you combine the Latin prefix im- "not" with passe "pass," impasse means "not able to pass." Impasse represents a point where people cannot move forward.

Usage Examples:

After days of talks, labor negotiations hit an impasse. (deadlock, dead end, stalemate)

I couldn't take my usual route to work because construction had created an impasse. (dead-end)

Because the jurors had hit an impasse, the judge had to declare a mistrial. (deadlock, stalemate)

The negotiations reached an impasse when neither side could agree on the price of the product. (deadlock, stalemate)

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