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Definition: 1. to pierce through with something sharp or to kill someone in such a manner; 2. to join two coats of arms, dividing them with a line called a pale

Synonyms: pierce, stab, lance, skewer, spike


Tips: Impale is a more sophisticated way of saying "stab" or "pierce." Impale usually connotes a painful accident or a means of death. The second meaning is much less frequently used in modern English.

Usage Examples:

The veterinarian saved the life of an overly playful dog who had impaled his side on a garden stake. (pierced)

He had their families' coats of arms impaled on a shield as a gift to his wife on their first anniversary. (joined)

He impaled the fish with a spear gun. (pierced, stabbed)

I think using a bow and arrow to impale animals is inhumane. (stab, pierce, kill)

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