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Definition: 1. a period of happiness, tranquility, and romance; 2. a rural or pastoral scene of peacefulness and charm; 3. a piece of art, music, or prose depicting such a pastoral or rural scene

Synonyms: romantic interlude, pastoral scene, tranquility, peace


Tips: The type of happiness, charm, and peacefulness found in idylls and in idyllic settings is usually associated with romance and/or with rural life. Something described as idyllic is peaceful, pleasant, and beautiful.

Usage Examples:

Plato's Phaedrus is a conversation that takes place in an idyllic scene where the participants are free to lay back or walk barefoot. (rural, peaceful, happy, rustic) adjective

The poem is an idyll about the simple joys of life in rural France. (pastoral poem)

After a busy week in the city, I enjoy nothing more than the idyll of my mountain home. (peacefulness, tranquility, quiet)

Sometimes I miss the idyllic life we had when were first started dating in college, and life was so carefree. (romantic, carefree, happy)

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