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Definition: being assumed or held as a possibility or idea--theoretical

Synonyms: supposed, theoretical, possible, assumable, speculative, postulated

Antonyms: factual, proven

Tips: You have probably heard someone talk about hypothetical questions. These are questions that assume a future possibility and then ask the person how they would react if that future event took place. Here is an example of a hypothetical question: "If in five years you are a millionaire, where would you want to live?" The noun form, hypothesis, refers to a conjecture, assumption, or proposition, and is generally used as a scientific term.

Usage Examples:

My example is purely hypothetical, but let's assume it's true. (theoretical, postulated)

In order to conduct this science experiment, we must start with the assumption that our hypothesis is true, but we must remain open to the possibility that it may not be. (conjecture, assumption) noun

When asked a hypothetical question about how he would react to something his daughters might do, the President tersely said, "I don't answer hypothetical questions about my girls." (theoretical, speculative)

That is a great question, and although there is not a definitive answer, there are some hypothetical answers that I will be happy to enumerate for you. (theoretical, speculative)

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