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Definition: claiming to adhere to certain moral principles or beliefs, but not actually doing so

Synonyms: duplicity, insincerity, falseness, pretense, sanctimony

Antonyms: sincerity

Tips: Hypocrisy comes from the Greek hypokrisis, which refers to "playing a part on stage." Hypocritical is the adjective form and describes actions that are inconsistent with what someone says or preaches. A hypocrite is a person who is hypocritical.

Usage Examples:

The teenager accused his parents of being hypocritical when they stayed out all night a week after grounding him for similar behavior. (sanctimonious, insincere) adjective

The contrast between her words and actions reveals her hypocrisy. (duplicity, insincerity)

The righteous politician proved to be a hypocrite when it was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife. (insincere person)

His hypocrisy is laughable; last week he disparaged me for smoking, and today I saw him puffing away on a cigarrette. (insincerity, contradiction, sanctimony)

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