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Definition: an obvious exaggeration, not meant to be taken seriously

Synonyms: exaggeration, embellishment, distortion, overstatement

Antonyms: understatement

Tips: A hyperbole denotes a clear and intended exaggeration. Note the word hype in hyperbole. Hype refers to greatly exaggerated publicity. Hyperbole is used more to denote statements that are gross exaggeration used to deceive people. Politicians often use hyperbole and accuse other politicians of using hyperbole (exaggerated statements).

Usage Examples:

"These peanuts are so fantastic I could eat a million of them," he said with a measure of hyperbole. (exaggeration)

Most of the analysts dismissed the CEO’s prediction of burgeoning market share as hyperbole. (exaggeration, overstatement)

Of course there was some hyperbole in his statement, but the company really does expect record growth next year, and most of the numbers support his predictions. (embellishment, exaggeration)

Since Dave's stories were known to be full of hyperbole, his friends took everything he said with a grain of salt. (exaggeration, embellishment, distortion)

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