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Definition: a state of equilibrium reached and maintained by a metabolic process in the body or by an individual or social group

Synonyms: equilibrium, balance, stability

Antonyms: imbalance, instability

Tips: Homeostasis was created by connecting the word homeo with the Greek word stasis, which means "standing still." It is also the root word of static. When you achieve homeostasis, all is still, stable, and balanced.

Usage Examples:

Even when exposed to heat or cold, mammals are able to maintain a relatively stable body temperature through homeostasis. (equilibrium)

The bodies of reptiles are not naturally able to retain temperature homeostasis, which is why one often sees lizards lounging in the sun to get warm. (balance, stability)

Our heating and air-conditioning systems work to create temperature homeostasis. (equilibrium, balance)

Nature is truly amazing, when you think about the complex systems that animals possess to keep their bodies is a state of homeostasis. (equilibrium, stability, balance)

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