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Definition: a system of alternative healing, whereby a patient is given very small doses of medicine and remedies that are designed to help the patient use his or her body's own healing powers

Synonyms: natural healing


Tips: The word homeopathy is formed from the Greek words homoios, "similar" and pathos, "suffering." The idea of homeopathy is to "treat like with like" by introducing into the body low concentrations of non-chemically active remedies that would produce similar symptoms in a healthy person, in order to help the body to heal itself. Homeopathic is the adjective that describes this kind of medicine.

Usage Examples:

Doctors in Asia have practiced homeopathic medicine for centuries. (alternative, natural) adjective

I plan on focusing my medical studies on homeopathy, because I'm more interested in natural medicine than in Western science. (alternative medicine)

I went to a homeopath when traditional medicine failed to cure my illness. (doctor who practices homeopathic medicine)

Many doctors believe that traditional, western medicine and homeopathy should coexist. (alternative, natural medicine)

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