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Definition: 1. related to acting or actors--dramatic or theatrical; 2. melodramatic or affected, overly emotional and showy

Synonyms: theatrical, dramatic, melodramatic, affected, sensational, insincere

Antonyms: sincere, genuine

Tips: Histrionic may sound like history, but it actually comes from a Latin word, histrionicus, which means "actor." Histrionic is often used to describe someone who is being overly dramatic. The noun form, histrionics, refers to actions which are overly dramatic. Think, "histerical."

Usage Examples:

There's no need to be so histrionic; this isn't really that big a deal. (theatrical, melodramatic)

With a histrionic bow, she walked off the stage. (theatrical)

She is known for her histrionic outbursts, which occur whenever her boyfriend is not paying attention to her. (dramatic, histerical)

Please! Don't be so histrionic; it's just a little stain that no one can see but you. (dramatic, histerical)

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