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Definition: 1. sealed or airtight; 2. uninfluenced, sealed off from outside influence; 3. abstruse or confusing; 4. having to do with magic

Synonyms: airtight, sealed, protected, uninfluenced, removed, magical, mystical, obscure, abstruse

Antonyms: open, vulnerable, penetrable, clear, ordinary

Tips: Hermetic comes from the name of Hermes Trismegistus, who supposedly invented a magic seal. Think of a magic seal that you can put on things to protect them and keep them air tight. This will help you remember both definitions for hermetic, "airtight" and "sealed off from outside influences." For a memory trick, think of a recluse hermit who is hermetic.

Usage Examples:

To prevent contamination, each vaccine should be stored in a container with a hermetic seal. (airtight)

You know the hermetic seal has not been broken if the lid makes a suction noise when you open it. (airtight)

I can't imagine anyone who would want to live in the hermetic world of a monastery and be so removed from everything. (cut off, removed uninfluenced)

Sometimes I think it would be great to live a hermetic life on an Island, with no TV or influence from this crazy world. (cut off, removed, uninfluenced)

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