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Definition: a belief that counters accepted religious doctrine or the holding of such a belief

Synonyms: dissent, iconoclasm, dissidence, nonconformity, revisionism, sacrilege

Antonyms: orthodoxy

Tips: Heresy can sometimes refer to an idea that is contrary to accepted beliefs in realms other than religion, such as science or politics. A person with heretical beliefs is called a heretic. For a memory trick, note how heresy sounds like "her a C." Now, imagine you have a teacher who thinks our current President is the greatest President that ever lived. Now imagine if a girl in class committed what the professor considers heresy (sacrilege, dissent, out of line statement) and says she thinks our current President is the worst President in history. If she later got a C in the class, you would think, "he gave her a C for what he thought was heresy--maligning our President."

Usage Examples:

Some famous thinkers such as Martin Luther and Galileo were accused of heresy in their own times because their new ideas contradicted the church. (dissent, dissidence)

You may think I am a heretic, but I am not entirely convinced that Western medicine has all the answers. (dissenter) noun

To hear that she changed from a Mac to a PC was heresy in the eyes of her loyal, Mac-using friends. (sacrilege, dissent)

When the Democrat endorsed a Republican, his democratic colleagues thought it was complete heresy. (dissent, sacrilege)

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