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Definition: 1. a belief system or doctrine in which pleasure is seen as the highest good; 2. the practice of seeking maximum pleasure

Synonyms: indulgence

Antonyms: asceticism

Tips: The word hedonism comes from the Greek word hedone, "pleasure." Hedonism is devoting your life to pleasure above everything else. This philosophy is looked down on in society, so you will most likely see the word used in a negative context. A hedonist is someone who adheres to the beliefs of hedonism. The adjective hedonistic describes that which relates to hedonism.

Usage Examples:

He is truly a hedonist at heart, believing that life is meant for food, drink, relaxation, and enjoyment rather than for hard work and self-deprivation. (pleasure-seeker) noun

My brand of hedonism consists of time with loved ones and a weekly massage. (indulgence, pleasure)

Many people think our culture has become too hedonistic and not focused enough on hard work and sacrifice. (self-indulging, devoted to pleasure) adjective

In college, we all seemed to live lives of unending hedonism, but now we have to work and be responsible. (pleasure seeking, self-indulgence)

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