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Definition: 1. safe place, refuge or shelter; 2. an ideal spot for something; 3. a port (literary)

Synonyms: refuge, shelter, sanctuary, haven, anchorage, port, marina


Tips: Haven and harbor share very similar meanings: both can refer to shelters, especially to ports for ships. However, unlike harbor, haven does not have a verb form. Also, its definition of "port" is usually used only in literature, not everyday conversation.

Usage Examples:

The new, beach-front hotel was a perfect haven for tourists. (refuge, ideal spot)

The Humane Society is a safe haven for lost and homeless animals. (shelter, refuge)

As long as he is President, the terrorists will have no safe haven. (shelter, refuge)

For many years the Cayman Islands were a tax haven for wealthy people who wanted to hide their money from taxation. (refuge, harbor, shelter)

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