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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) a forceful, public criticism made in a speech or sometimes in writing; (v.) to make a forceful and critical speech, often trying to incite an action

Synonyms: diatribe, rant, tirade, attack, criticism, invective, lecture, peroration

Antonyms: encomium

Tips: Harangue comes from the Italian word aringa, which means "public speech." Harangue is more than just a public speech, however, as it almost always means "an angry and critical public speech." If you harangue someone, you not only criticize harshly, but you're probably trying to get the person to do something.

Usage Examples:

The lawyer's closing comments were marked by a vicious harangue against the defendant. (diatribe, rant) noun

One amusing invention of the Harry Potter series' author is a letter called a "howler," which, if left unopened, harangues the addressee in a public, ear-splitting, and humiliating way. (criticizes, rants against) verb

Our uptight, next-door neighbor will sometimes come out and harangue us for playing our music too loud. (scold, reprimand) verb

The teacher delivered a long harangue to her students, on why teasing is mean and grounds for expulsion. (rant, speech, lecture) noun

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