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Definition: to impede, disrupt, hinder, or restrain

Synonyms: impede, hinder, thwart, encumber, restrain, disrupt, block, manacle, inhibit

Antonyms: help, aid, expedite

Tips: Hamper can also be a noun, in which case it refers to a large basket for holding laundry or carrying food. Use the noun form of hamper to help you remember the verb form. Imagine an overflowing hamper of clothes at the foot of your door; now consider how that would hamper (impede, hinder) your ability to get out of the room quickly in an emergency. You would not want to have a hamper full of clothes hampering (hindering, blocking) your ability to leave a room in a fire.

Usage Examples:

The recent illness of a star player has hampered the team's efforts to win the championship. (hindered, impeded)

Please put your dirty clothes in the hamper. (laundry basket) noun

Dry winds have been hampering efforts to suppress the fire. (hindering, impeding)

High labor costs and a 35-hour work week have hampered Germany's productivity. (hindered, encumbered)

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