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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. peaceful and calm; 2. happy and carefree; (n.) 1. a mythical bird thought to have brought calm to the seas; 2. a kingfisher

Synonyms: (adj.) peaceful, placid, calm, tranquil, serene, balmy, golden, happy, carefree, relaxed

Antonyms: (adj.) turbulent, hectic, unhappy

Tips: The word halcyon comes from Greek mythology, where it referred to a bird that had the power to bring calm to the seas during its nesting time (the winter solstice). In modern usage and as an adjective, halcyon has come to describe happy, carefree, and peaceful times. It also refers to a type of bird, otherwise known as a "kingfisher."

Usage Examples:

Once they're back at school, children usually miss the halcyon days of summer vacation. (carefree, relaxed, happy) adjective

The vacationers at the lake were greeted with the colorful sight of a young halcyon searching for breakfast. (bird, kingfisher) noun

The sea went from stormy and turbulent to calm and halcyon. (peaceful, placid) adjective

I love the lake when it is serene and halcyon. (peaceful, calm) adjective

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