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Definition: fooled, tricked, or deceived easily because of an overly trusting nature or naivetÚ

Synonyms: na´ve, unsuspicious, trusting, foolish, innocent

Antonyms: way, suspicious

Tips: Gullible is related to the word gull, which can refer to someone who is easily fooled and which can be used as a verb, meaning "to fool or deceive." For a memory trick, think of sea gulls, who are the masters of tricking people into feeding them. Often a sea gull will tuck in one of its legs to gull (trick) gullible (naive) tourists into feeding it because they feel sorry for the one-legged gull. Gull is a more sophisticated way of saying "trick."

Usage Examples:

She is so gullible, always believing everything she hears. (na´ve, foolish)

If he thinks he can gull me into doing all of the work, he is quite mistaken. (trick, fool) verb

I hope she doesn't think she is going to gull me into believing that ridiculous story. (trick, deceive) verb

I can not believe he fell for that trick again; he is so gullible! (na´ve, trusting, foolish)

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