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Definition: 1. a deceptive or false outward appearance; 2. a style or way of dressing

Synonyms: exterior, appearance, semblance, disguise, pretense, deception, costume, clothing


Tips: Guise is often used in the formulations "in the guise of" or "under the guise of." Guise is synonymous with pretense. Both words are used to denote a situation were someone is trying to deceive. Guise should be used if someone is trying to disguise the situation in order to deceive. Pretense should be used if someone is using false logic or claims to deceive. Guise is used less often to refer to dress or costume than to false, outward appearance.

Usage Examples:

The company found a way to advertise to children under the guise of an innocent cartoon. (pretense, appearance)

In the movie, the young college student didn't know her new crush was a Royal Prince, because he introduced himself under the guise of being just another student. (pretense, semblance)

She got me to tell her all my secrets under the guise of friendship, then gossiped about me to everyone else. (pretense, appearance)

In pharmaceutical marketing, it is illegal to try to sell pharmaceuticals to doctors under the guise of market research. (disguise, pretense, appearance)

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