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Definition: trickery, duplicity, or deceptive cunning

Synonyms: duplicity, cunning, craftiness, deceitfulness, trickery

Antonyms: innocence, candor, honesty

Tips: Guile is derived from an Old French word that meant "sorcery." This evolved to describe anything deceitful, treacherous, or cunning. Today, guile is a more sophisticated way of saying "trickery" or "duplicity." The related adjective guileless describes someone who is na´ve, honest, trusting, and sincere. Because of the suffix -less, which means "without," someone who is guileless has no guile or duplicity. The related verb beguile means "to mislead and deceive."

Usage Examples:

He is an honest man, without guile. (deceitfulness, cunning)

She is a guileless young girl who will believe most anything she is told. (innocent, na´ve) adjective

The Senator will need to use all his political guile to stay in power. (cunning, craftiness)

She regarded him with wide, guileless blue eyes. (trusting, na´ve) adjective

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