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Definition: to gesture or explain something using the hands, typically while speaking

Synonyms: gesture, signal, sign, motion, pantomime

Antonyms: be still

Tips: Gesticulate is related to the word gesture and shares gesture's verb meaning. To gesticulate is essentially to communicate by using your hads, to add to your verbal communication. Think of someone gesturing and moving their hands while talking; that is gesticulating. Also, think of gesturing combined with articulating (speaking clearly); this is also gesticulating.

Usage Examples:

As a conference speaker, he often gesticulates while he speaks in order to increase enthusiasm and keep his audience's attention. (gestures)

Because she was excited about the trip, she gesticulated wildly while telling us every detail with great animation. (gestured, motioned)

I hate when politicians gesticulate and wave their fist, with a little portion of their thumb showing. (gesture, motion)

He was an odd speaker, who waved his arms and gesticulated constantly while he spoke. (gestured, motioned)

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