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Definition: 1. to start growing from a seed; 2. to create and begin the process of development

Synonyms: grow, sprout, root, plant, develop, evolve, create

Antonyms: die

Tips: Germinate is a gardening term that means "to grow from seeds" or "to begin budding or blooming." Think of ideas or philosophies growing and developing or coming to existence like new plants from planted seeds; this is the idea of germinate.

Usage Examples:

Once the new CEO's ideas began to germinate, the company quickly turned around. (take root, develop)

The idea germinated in my mind this morning and became a full blown epiphany by lunch. (developed, sprouted, grew)

The seeds will only germinate if the temperature is right and they are properly watered. (bloom, sprout, grow)

Let's continue to discuss the idea and see if it can germinate into a viable strategy. (develop, grow)

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