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Definition: 1. to stimulate a person or group into action; 2. to stimulate a part of the body with an electric shock; 3. to coat iron or steel with zinc for protection from rust and corrosion

Synonyms: rouse, stimulate, provoke, excite, coat, protect, charge

Antonyms: quiet, still

Tips: Galvanize comes from the name of Luigi Galvani, who discovered that electric shock could produce muscle stimulation. Use the word galvanize to describe people being "shocked" or motivated into action.

Usage Examples:

The team was galvanized to action when they found out their biggest competitor was also making a bid for the job. (motivated, roused)

The politician hoped his speech would galvanize those who were still undecided to vote for him. (rouse, stimulate)

CPR is more effective when an AED machine is available to galvanize the heart. (stimulate, shock)

The prospect of guests always galvanizes my wife to start cleaning the house. (rouses, stimulates)

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