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Definition: to say that something isn't true, especially by contradicting another person

Synonyms: oppose, deny, refute, disallow, dispute, question, impugn

Antonyms: agree, allow, affirm

Tips: To help remember the word gainsay, think, "I am against what you say." When you gainsay something, you question it or call it into doubt. I gainsay what you say means, "I refute or contradict what you say." Impugn is probably a better word to use in business circles if you want to call into question the veracity (truth) of a person's statement.

Usage Examples:

There is no point in gainsaying the truth of my argument. (denying, questioning)

Are you trying to gainsay the truth of my statement? (refute, impugn)

I hear what you're saying, but I must gainsay the premise of your argument. (refute, impugn)

The test results are conclusive and there's no gainsaying the validity of this study. (calling into doubt or question)

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