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Definition: 1. a rapid discharge of firearms; 2. a sustained attack; 3. an outpouring of something, such as words or emotions

Synonyms: blast, onslaught, barrage, fire, discharge, bombardment, outpouring

Antonyms: restraint

Tips: Fusillade comes from the French word fusiller, "to shoot." Used as a verb, fusillade means "to fire guns at an enemy." A fusillade can be any sustained attack, not just one with firearms. In its figurative sense, a fusillade is an outpouring or onslaught of many things all at once like questions, insults, emotions, etc.

Usage Examples:

Thankfully, I was well prepared for the fusillade of questions I encountered at the press conference this morning. (onslaught, barrage)

The officers fired a fusillade of bullets at the suspect, but he still got away. (barrage, blast)

She shouted a fusillade of insults at me and slammed down the phone. (discharge, onslaught)

I wasn't sure how to address the fusillade of criticism thrown at me. (blast, barrage)

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