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Definition: 1. serving as a foundation or basic component; 2. of central importance; 3. innately characteristic

Synonyms: basic, foundational, necessary, primary, essential, principal, central, deep-rooted, innate, inherent, underlying, intrinsic, cardinal

Antonyms: unimportant, insignificant, ancillary

Tips: Fundamental can also be used as a noun, and means "a necessary or basic component," as in, "The course teaches the fundamentals of cooking." In specialized discourse, fundamental can refer to the main tone in a musical chord or to the lowest frequency of a vibration or periodic wave.

Usage Examples:

Although he wasn't sure if he agreed with everything she was saying, he had to admit that there was a certain, fundamental truth to her message. (basic, inherent)

A solid understanding of statistics is fundamental for a successful career in sociology or political science. (central, essential)

For some companies, the happiness of their employees is considered as fundamentally important as their bottom line. (essentially) adverb

It is important to understand the fundamentals of investing. (essential components) noun

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