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Definition: 1. to vehemently criticize or denounce; 2. to explode loudly and violently

Synonyms: criticize, castigate, denounce, declaim, berate, censure, flare, foam, rage, bristle

Antonyms: appease, calm, assuage

Tips: Fulminate is derived from the Medieval Latin word fulminare, "to strike (of lightning.)" Think of attacking, striking, or criticizing someone in a quick and powerful flash, like lightning. In the second use of fulminate, "to explode loudly and violently" think of thunder following lightning. Fulminate means "to explode," either with sound or anger. For a memory trick, note how fulminate sounds like "full men ate." Now think of two men eating with their wives until they are completely full. The full men who ate now want to order more food and their wives fulminate (scold them loudly) for this and say, "you will fulminate (explode) if you eat any more."

Usage Examples:

Every time we meet, I have to hear him fulminating about how bad our government is. (criticizing, berating, exploding)

The CEO delivered a speech, fulminating against recent lapses in customer service. (denouncing, criticizing, berating)

He's in a really bad mood, so I wouldn't approach him about that raise, unless you want him to fulminate. (rage, explode)

The lightning was followed by a large roar of fulminating thunder. (exploding) adjective

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