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Definition: to be anxious or disturbed about something--to worry

Synonyms: agonize, worry, chafe, stew, mope, brood


Tips: If you have heard the word fret before, you have probably heard it in the context of "don't fret," "Don't fret the small stuff." Fret is also a noun, which refers to a mildly agitated discomfort and worry associated with physical mannerisms that make it obvious the person is affected by something. Fret is a more sophisticated way of saying "worry about." It originates from Old English fretan, "to devour." Don't let your worries devour you. In music, fret refers to the small raised metal bars across a stringed musical instrument that give the player finger placement to produce notes. One may fret (worry) over trying to place their fingers properly on the fret of the guitar.

Usage Examples:

Don't fret because worrying won't help anything. (worry, stew)

Guitar players generally get calluses on their fingers from moving their fingers up and down the frets of the fingerboard. (raised bars for finger placement) noun

When we made an emergency call from the elevator phone, the operator said, "Don't fret; the elevator will be working again in a minute, and everyone will be able to get out safely." (worry, agonize)

Don't fret over the decision; the an answer will come to you. (worry, agonize)

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