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Definition: 1. a right or privilege given by the government, such as the right to vote; 2. products sold or services given by permission of and under the name of a commercial enterprise

Synonyms: right, privilege, prerogative, suffrage, authorization, license, concession, patent, indenture


Tips: Franchise refers to the full rights of citizenship granted by a government, especially the right to vote. A franchise is also a right given by a large company or corporation to sell that company's product of service. Most fast-food restaurants, for example, are franchises (individually and privately owned businesses supported by a parent company and carrying the name of that company.) In this context, franchise can also be used as a verb--a company may choose to franchise (give license to sell) its operations to individuals.

Usage Examples:

The small franchise relied on its parent company for advertising and supplies. (concession, indenture, chain)

The nineteenth amendment to the Constitution finally gave women franchise. (right to vote, suffrage)

I plan to franchise my restaurant in order to expedite the opening of locations. (license to individuals) verb

The city gave franchise to the group, to hold its demonstration on public property. (right, authorization)

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