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Definition: 1. following established rules, traditions, or conventions; 2. done in an organized and methodical manner; 3. in language, used in a serious or official context, but not in everyday speech; 4. refined or elegant in manner or appearance

Synonyms: proper, correct, conventional, official, customary, ceremonious, decorous, systematic, reserved, serious, prim, stately, elegant, refined

Antonyms: informal, casual, unceremonious, improper, unofficial

Tips: The word formal can be used in many ways. One can refer to someone's stiff or very proper behavior as formal, an elegant wedding or clothing for an elegant and important occasion can be described as formal, official documents can be formal, as well as formally delivered, etc. Formal is the opposite of casual. It usually implies a heightened seriousness and importance for whatever it is describing.

Usage Examples:

It was a very formal wedding, and all the men wore tuxedos. (elegant, decorous)

I told my boss I was quitting and later submitted a formal letter of resignation. (official, proper)

He decided not to pursue a formal college education because he felt he could learn more on his own. (conventional, customary)

She was very formal toward me, and I could tell we would never be friends. (reserved, prim, serious)

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