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Definition: 1. to falsify and make a copy with the intent to deceive; 2. to form or bring into being especially by an expenditure of effort; 3. to move ahead steadily and with determination; 4. to suddently increase speed or progress

Synonyms: copy, reproduce, counterfeit, falsify, fabricate, pirate, create, build, mold, conquer, launch, propel, accelerate, advance, progress

Antonyms: hesitate, recede, retreat, yield

Tips: Forging (copying, fasifying) documents, driver's licenses, green cards, and social security cards are common crimes. To forge a signature is to try to copy someone's signature. To forge ahead is to continue to advance forward, especially when there is great effort or determination involved. Forging is the term for shaping metal by the use of heat and hammer, so think of the energy and effort involved in that process, coupled with the idea of making a copy or mold of something.

Usage Examples:

His even temperament was forged of long experience. (molded, built, created)

The man became an expert at forging signatures. (counterfeiting, falsifying)

The company was a success because of the President's ability to forge ahead in the face of many obstacles. (progress, propel)

At one point, it looked like climbers were not going to make the ascend, but they forged on and completed the climb. (persevered, advanced, progressed)

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