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Definition: 1. to give somebody something inferior and pass it off as genuine, valuable, or worthy; 2. to impose something on someone surruptitiously; 3. to deceitfully insert and add something undesirable

Synonyms: palm off, encroach, thrust, impose, intrude, inflict


Tips: Unwanted political agendas are foisted upon people everyday, in subtle ways. Newspapers, television news, and even radio disc jockeys foist biased views by twisting wording, making assumptions of common consensus, etc. Workloads can be foisted upon unassuming employees, and merchandise can be made to appear appealing and quality, (especially in a catalogue or online) so as to foist the un-savvy buyer. Watch out for contracts where a clause has been foisted, and you end up with the short end of the deal.

Usage Examples:

I enjoy a local, popular radio station for the music, but get highly frustrated when they constantly foist a particular political agenda. (impose, thrust)

Infomercials are almost humorous in the way they foist average products as the most fantastic in latest innovation. (palm off, impose on people)

Parents are becoming outraged at how junk food is foisted on children during Saturday morning cartoons. (imposed, thrusted, palmed off)

In certain tourist destinations, you may be inundated with people trying to foist fake Rolex watches and other products on you. (thrust, palm off, impose)

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