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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to hinder someone's efforts or thwart a plan; 2. to enhance something by using contrast; 3. to wrap something in matallic foil; (n.) 1. something that serves as a useful contrast to something else; 2. thin, flexible metal, often aluminum

Synonyms: (v.) thwart, prevent, hinder, baffle, prohibit, frustrate, counter, balk, (n.) contrast, antithesis, background

Antonyms: (v.) help, aid, expedite

Tips: Foil is a useful word to denote the hindering of a plan. For example, a villain's evil plans can be foiled by the hero. Less commonly, a foil can be something that serves by contrast to set off qualities of the displayed person or object. For example, diamonds can be laid on black cloth as a foil to contrast and bring out their brilliance.

Usage Examples:

I will not let negative people foil my plans for happiness. (counter, hinder) verb

The security guard became a hero the day he foiled the bank robbery. (hindered, prevented) verb

The head cheerleader like to have one or two less talented girls on the squad, to serve as foils and highlight her own skills. (contrasts, background elements) noun

My little brother's plan to disrupt our slumber party was foiled when my mom caught him with his squirt gun. (stopped, prevented) verb

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