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Definition: 1. the act of flowing, continuous moving on, or passing by; 2. constant change and instability, sometimes a state of uncertainty about what should be done

Synonyms: motion, flow, tide, progression, drift, stream, fluctuation, changeability, instability, mutability, unrest, flow, changeover, uncertainty

Antonyms: stability, steadiness, stillness, certainty

Tips: Flux, used as a noun, refers to the ebb and flow of tides, ideas, or trends. We often use it in the phrase "in a state of flux." For instance, concentrations of nutrients in the ocean are always in a state of flux, depending on various factors. Also, prices may be in a state of flux, depending on the economic inflation. Something in flux is continually changing and evolving, fluctuating. Flux can also be used as a verb and means "to flow" or "to cause to become fluid." It's also a physics term, which refers to the strength of a force or the rate of the flow of a fluid.

Usage Examples:

Atmospheric conditions are in a state of flux, and not just because of our own industrial emissions. (unrest, mutability)

The project is in a state of flux as we wait to hear new direction from upper management. (fluctuation, instability)

I am in a flux at work right now, as I change my mind every other day as to whether I want to stay or go. (state of change)

After finishing my first task, I was in a state of flux as to what to do next. (confusion, uncertainty)

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