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Definition: to show contempt or disregard for a law or convention by openly disobeying or defying it

Synonyms: spurn, mock, deride, gibe, ridicule, affront, defy

Antonyms: obey, follow

Tips: The origin of flout is uncertain--it may have come from an earlier word meaning "to play the flute," perhaps in mockery. To flout convention is to intentionally avoid what society adheres to. If you flout the rules, you are showing a flagrant disregard for them. Note: Do NOT confuse flout with flaunt. Flaunt means "to display ostentatiously." Flout means to "disobey openly and scornfully" or "show contempt and disdain for."

Usage Examples:

He flouted the company dress code by wearing jeans and a torn t-shirt. (spurned, derided)

At great personal risk, the brave reporters and librarians plan to flout the dictator's censorship laws. (affront, defy)

Burning the flag was a way for him to flout the law and protest against the war. (mock, ridicule)

Showing up 15 minutes late was his way of flouting the manager who called the after-hour meeting. (mocking, affronting)

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