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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. a young or inexperienced person; 2. a young bird with new feathers, just learning how to fly; (adj.) new and lacking experience in some activity--just starting out

Synonyms: (n.) apprentice, novice, rookie, newcomer, beginner, (adj.) inexperienced, unseasoned, unversed, green, burgeoning, developing

Antonyms: (n.) veteran, (adj.) experienced

Tips: Think about a baby bird, a fledgling, just learning how to fly. Think, just taking flight, just getting started. Fledgling is most often used as an adjective to describe a rookie or a new, usually small, enterprise. Fledgling is not necessarily a negative word. It is simply a word used to describe someone or something new and inexperienced.

Usage Examples:

The fledgling author honed her skills by writing short stories. (unseasoned, inexperienced) adjective

Struggling for customers, the fledgling wine bar realized it would need to extend advertising beyond its current demographics. (developing, start-up) adjective

You have come a long way; I remember when you were just a fledgling in this company, and now you're the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. (novice, newcomer) noun

It's hard to believe that just last year we were a fledgling startup with five employees, and now we are full-scale operation with over 100 employees. (inexperienced, young, green) adjective

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