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Definition: 1. glaringly obvious in lack of morality or appropriate behavior-; 2. so obviously against what is right that it is shockingly noticeable in disgracefulness

Synonyms: outrageous, scandalous, glaring, obvious, egregious, atrocious, disgraceful, heinous, shocking, arrant

Antonyms: appropriate, normal, fine

Tips: You may have heard the phrase "flagrant disregard," which means complete, open, and knowing disregard for rules, authority, proper conduct, etc. Describing something as flagrant implies purposeful rebellion of a passive-aggressive nature--a person knows that something is wrong, immoral, or illegal, but does it anyway. In sports a "flagrant foul" is a particularly bad foul that was clearly done on purpose, with the intent to harm.

Usage Examples:

The reporter's plagiarism was a flagrant violation of copyright law. (glaring, scandalous)

The teenager wore a tacky, ripped tee-shirt on his father's golf course, in flagrant disregard for the dress code. (obvious, disgraceful)

He should be thrown out of the game for such a flagrant foul, which was clearly intended to hurt his opponent. (outrageous, shocking)

His constant tardiness was a flagrant disregard for the company's set working hours. (glaring, obvious)

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