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Definition: 1. an activity or object becoming a fixation to a person who devotes a compulsive amount of time or thought to it; 2. an object believed to have magical or spiritual powers within animistic or shamanistic practices; 3. an object or non-genital body part important to a person for sexual desire

Synonyms: compulsion, fixation, hang-up, monomania, obsession, preoccupation, charm, talisman

Antonyms: aversion, indifference

Tips: Fetishism is the belief that natural objects have supernatural powers or that something created by people has power over people. Excessive focus or unnecessary devotion to something characterizes a fetish for that thing. A fetish is unique to the individual, an individual preference. Obsessive-compulsive disorder involves fetishes for repetitive behaviors. Fetish is most commonly used to denote something which arouses sexual desire in the individual.

Usage Examples:

Some women enjoy shoes; a select few others have a fetish for them. (compulsion, obsession)

I have witnessed some professional athletes who seem to hold a fetish for particular good-luck charms. (preoccupation, fixation)

I admit I have a foot fetish and love women with small feet. (compulsion, preoccupation)

He has an odd tie fetish and hires people based on the ties they wear to an interview. (compulsion, preoccupation)

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