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Definition: 1. to be in a state of decay, rot, or decline; 2. to become or cause to become irritated, bitter, or resentful

Synonyms: rot, putrefy, decay, spoil, intensify, aggravate, smolder, inflame, irritate

Antonyms: heal, diminish, lessen, sooth, improve

Tips: Fester originates from the Latin fistula, "a sort of ulcer." A sore, like an ulcer, that festers is a sore that has not been properly addressed and is inflamed and irritated. Fester can also be used as a noun, denoting the sore. The same idea applies to negative emotions that are kept in and not properly addressed. Not speaking up when feelings arise allows feelings to fester.

Usage Examples:

When Monica bagan dating another man, Jake allowed his jealousy to fester until it overwhelmed his common sense. (smolder, inflame)

With no immediate treatment available, the fisherman's wound began to fester. (decay, infect)

My advice to you is be upfront with him next time he says hurtful things; otherwise his comments will fester inside you and make you hate him. (rot, intensify)

The more I thought about his disparaging remarks the more my hatred toward him festered. (intensified, boiled)

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