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Definition: 1. capable of reproducing; 2. bearing fruit or offspring; 3. in biology, able to grow and develop; 4. rich in nutrients (in soil)

Synonyms: productive, bearing, fruitful, fecund, rich, bounteous, creative, inventive

Antonyms: infertile, barren, unproductive

Tips: The essential meaning of fertile is that of bearing or producing. Thus, the word has a variety of usages. Soil that is rich in nutrients, and therefore able to sustain healthy plant growth, is described as fertile. A healthy woman of child bearing age is considered fertile. A person who is very creative can be said to have a fertile imagination.

Usage Examples:

The fertile soil in my garden has produced some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever grown. (rich)

Timmy's young, fertile mind has allowed him to create a rich imaginary world. (creative, inventive)

Our peach tree has been more fertile this year than ever before. (bearing, fruitful)

Comedians often look at their own lives as fertile ground for new jokes. (rich, bounteous)

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