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verb, noun

Definition: (v) to deeply investigate a matter; (n) 1. a person who persistently investigates or searches for something; 2. a small, domesticated, weasel-like animal

Synonyms: (v.) investigate, dig, pierce, probe, pry, root out, excavate


Tips: Reminiscent of the animal ferret's uprooting hunting style, the verb ferret is a stylistic way of describing a method of search and discovery. It denotes digging with diligence and tenacity.

Usage Examples:

Domesticated ferrets enjoy hiding in cupboards and boxes in anticipation of fun. (weasel-like pets) noun

The neighborhood gossip always finds a way to ferret the latest news out of her friends. (root out, pry) verb

It may take me all weekend, but I am determined to ferret through my garage and find those old pictures. (diligently search) verb

I had one hand on the wheel and another ferreting under my seat in hopes of finding my cell phone. (searching, probing) verb

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